Monday, June 2, 2008

Death Penalty

To answer Mark's question about the death penalty, I'm for it in principle. There are evil people in this world who truly deserve to die for their crimes. The thought of monsters sitting in their nice air-conditioned cells watching cable-tv, corresponding with fans, getting free access to healthcare and education is absolutely disgusting. But at the same time I think the death penalty should be severely limited to the worst of the worst, the most clear-cut cases of pre-meditated first-degree murder. If there's the slightest doubt about guilt, play it safe.


Mark said...

It's always fun to argue about stuff like this but I'm in agreement with you here. Ted Bundy openly admitted to his murders but I would have gave OJ life (not that there was any real doubt there but it could have been second-degree murder).

I am Jamie Sue! said...

I'm so happy to see you online again :) I missed you.