Friday, June 13, 2008

Fear and Blogging on the Campaign Trail

Hey all, glad to say that I'm back. I have just finished up my final quarter at UC, and on Saturday I will formally become a graduate. Sorry that I have been in derelict of duty on this blog for so long, I have been swamped with work between the job and finishing school as well as the major problem that I had with my PC. I'm happy to see Ron has began to post, and I welcome him as my co-contributor to this blog.

On to the content...

In conjunction with my duties as a cook and as a student, I have been working as field director with Chris Dole's campaign for Hamilton County Commissioner. I have to say that it has been an extremely rewarding experience so far. I have gotten to meet tons of great people from all over the county, as well as catch up with a lot of old friends. I will be blunt; I feel as though it is in my blood to be doing what I am doing right now.

One of the greatest pleasures of this endeavor has been getting to know Chris Dole himself. I can say for a fact that he is the type of guy that I want to represent me in any level of government. He is out almost every night talking to a different club or organization about his campaign for commissioner. After he goes to these meetings he goes on to work the late shift. All of this while still keeping up with his duties as Crosby Township Trustee. It is not the work load that he is willing to take on that impresses me (although that is a great selling point), it is the fact that he is a real guy. He isn't some phony who is running to raid the county treasury to benefit his rich friends; he is an honest hard-working guy with a wonderful family who truly wants to do what is best for Hamilton County.

As this campaign goes on I hope to continue to meet more of the great people who are my neighbors here in Hamilton County. I will definitely see you at this years parades and festivals, and on the campaign trail.

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Ron Turner said...

Glad to see ya back to posting :-)