Monday, June 16, 2008

  • I was very sad to hear about Tim Russert passing away suddenly on Friday. He was truly fair and balanced. Even though he had once worked for such liberal lions as Mario Cuomo and Daniel Patrick Moynihan, he never let his personal political feelings show. He wasn't an arrogant blowhard like Bill O'Reilly or a condescending snob like Keith Olberman, he took the old-fashioned common-sense approach of playing devil's advocate in his questioning of public figures. A happy warrior, politics wasn't personal for him. It was fun. Like sports. And I'm going to miss that infectious enthusiasm of his for the subject than anything else. He was truly irreplaceable.
  • One of the top picks to be McCain's running mate is Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal. He's a fascinating guy. Young, Indian-American, conservative, Christian, policy wonk on education and healthcare, part of a new breed of technocratic Reform Republicans like Rudy Guiliani who care more about getting things done than anything else. He may be a little too nerdy for McCain, but I like him. Can read an extensive Details magazine profile of him here.

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Nathan Wissman said...

Russert was a great broadcaster, no doubt about it. I felt very sad when Tom Brokaw barely got through his tribute, and the solomn tone that Jon Stewart took honoring Tim Russert in the Daily Show's "Moment of Zen."

Do you think that Jindal will be selected by McCain. I agree that he is a rising star in the Republican Party, but do you think that he would join a national ticket merely months after being sworn in as Louisiana's Gov? It would seem a little disenginuous to me for him to not fulfill at least some of his term as Governor. I actually like the fact that Ted Strickland has said unequivocally that he won't run. He too is a rising star in the Democrats and a popular Governor. There may be a place for him on the national stage, but let him establish himself more here in Ohio.