Wednesday, June 11, 2008

  • Nathan asked me about Geoff Davis's controversial "That boy's finger does not need to be on the button" comment about Obama. Certainly sounds racist. But whether or not he was thinking that, who knows. Even though he's a KY congressman, he's not a good ole boy. Grew up in Pittsburgh. Moved here after getting out of the military.
  • Shame on the GOP for blocking a windfall profits tax on Big Oil. This is why the party will lose big in November. They care more about protecting their big business benefactors than anything else.
  • A number of pundits (EJ Dionne, Ezra Klein, etc.) are promoting Joe Biden for Obama's VP. I think it's a good idea. He's a political veteran, has lots of foreign policy experience, and makes a great attack dog.
  • A new poll shows Alaska turning blue. The state has long been a GOP stronghold, but thanks to a climate of corruption and cronyism, voters are getting fed up. Republican Senator Ted Stevens, who's been in office for over 38 years, is trailing Democrat Anchorage Mayor Mark Begich 44% to 51%. The state's lone Congressman, Republican Don Young, may not even survive the primary for his re-election. Both are under fire for ties to lobbyists. If they lose, they will join Frank Murkowski, who alienated so many people by unapologetically appointing his daughter to his old Senate seat, that when he ran for re-election as governor he came in third in the primary, barely garnering a pitiful 19%. Does this mean that Alaska will go for Obama? Doubtful. Dubya won the state by over 20 points. Moderate Republican Gov. Sarah Palin is also very popular. She might even end up becoming John McCain's VP. But longterm, the trends certainly don't look good for the GOP. Read more about the poll and Alaska politics here. Watch a funny video making fun of Ted Stevens's comments about the internet here.

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