Thursday, May 29, 2008


Howdy folks, this is your friendly co-contributor Ron here. Sorry for the long delay in introducing myself. For those of ya who don't know me, I'm that rare breed, a gay conservative. I used to be a proud member of the Republican Party, but thanks to gay-bashing, corruption, fiscal irresponsibility, arrogance of party leaders, and mismanagement of the war, among other things, I've pretty much set up shop as a conservative libertarian independent. My views are all over the map. Against abortion but for gay rights. For the death penalty and tough on law and order issues, but very critical of the War on Drugs and iffy on the death penalty. Not exactly fond of taxes, but think that tax cuts for Big Business and the rich are even worse. I believe in anti-poverty programs like food stamps, improved public education, even universal healthcare. But I do think the size of the government is way too large and feel that something needs to be done about out-of-control pork-barrel spending, a return of the line-item veto, perhaps. I supported the Iraq War in principle but have been horrified at how it has turned out and now support gradual phased withdrawal of our troops. Basically, my philosophy is that of the happy warrior. For me, politics is FUN. I'm all for a good ole debate, but I don't believe in arguing for arguing's sake. The angry blowhards on the right and condescending snobs on the left annoy the hell out of me because they make everything so personal. You're a BAD PERSON if you disagree with them. I hate that and hope that this blog will help serve as a haven from that kind of crap. So with that said, have at it folks. I'll happily answer any question ya throw at me.

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Mark said...

Welcome back! Probably a typo but where do you stand on the death penalty? (You've got listed twice, "iffy" and "for.")