Tuesday, March 11, 2008

We Were Supposed to be Better Than This

I am shocked like most people about the revelation that New York's seemingly squeaky-clean governor was involved with a prostitute. I'm not naive about the philandering of politicians or anything, but I really thought that Gov. Spitzer was a good thing for New York. I stood in awe of his career as New York's Attorney General as he battled corporate crooks. I thought that he was the real deal, and I saw him, as many did, as a rising star in the Democratic Party.

Why do smart people do stupid things? I mean, there are one of two roads to take here. If Gov. Spitzer feels that prostitution shouldn't be a crime, then why wouldn't he try to change the law in New York? I mean, he either feels that prostitution is wrong, and is a complete hypocrite, or he feels that it is not a big deal, but never did anything in his capacity as governor to change New York's laws about prostitution. Either way, it's a shitty thing to do.

I feel disappointed by a politician that I had a lot of admiration for. I think that it is time for Gov. Spitzer to step down. This is a hard blow for the people of New York, as well as the Democratic Party. We were supposed to be better than this.


Ron said...

He was one of my favorite Democrats. Seemed like a nice guy. Liked his aggressive reform-minded policies. Shame he blew it by being stupid. Oh well. Maybe the black blind guy who serves as his #2 will be better.

Mark said...

It seems that whatever the party, once someone is elected, he feels he can't be caught for money or sex.

There's the old saying that there's only two things someone with a Ph.D can't do: say "I don't know" or admit he's wrong. With public figures, it's think clearly about potential scandals.

Nathan Wissman said...

It's just a shame that someone who had so much going for him would do such a stupid thing.

Jamie Sue said...

People do it all the time. Men and women leave or violate perfectly good relationships out of bordem every day. People are always looking for ways to self sabotage. I know one guy, for instance, who for no particular reason, stole a road side barrel. Why? I have no clue and I doubt he did either. It's the nature of being human. In a perfect world a politicians personal and private life would never ever meet.