Friday, March 7, 2008

The Rush Limbaugh Strategy

Aparently Rush Limbaugh instructed his listeners to "crossover" and vote in the Democratic primaries in Ohio, Texas, Rhode Island, and Vermont last Tuesday. His instructions included the request that his listeners not only vote by Democratic ballot, but also that they vote for Hillary Clinton to keep the Democratic race going. I suppose that a wide open race for the Democrats is supposed to benefit John McCain, the Republican candidate that Rush says he is considering not voting for. So Rush wants to keep the Democratic race wide open so that the guy he is not voting for has a chance to gain ground? Someone better make sure Rush hasn't been popping any pills lately.

I'm not sure I understand the logic behind this strategy. If you watched the coverage of the March 4th primaries, you probably noticed the lopsided coverage as I did. John McCain locked up the Republican nomination, yet the entire night was dedicated to the Obama/Clinton race. So basically, supposing that Rush's listeners were the deal breaker for Clinton on March 4th then wouldn't Rush actually be helping to focus MORE attention on the Democrats? As long as this primary race keeps going, all of the attention will be on the Democrats. This isn't because of the "liberal media bias" that I can already almost hear coming out of Rush's mouth, but because that is where the interest and the story are.

So my advice as a Democrat is this: please let Rush continue to direct his listeners in the remaining primaries. The Democratic party isn't divided, we just havn't picked out who the winner of our version of "Survivor" is. Either way, most of us are happy with who our eventual nominee will be. The GOP, however, could probably use someone to unite them behind McCain. So keep wasting your time by keeping the Democrats and Sens. Obama and Clinton in the news. We will take the free press. Oh yeah, keep bitching about how aweful your candidate with cross-apeal is too. Seems like you've figured out a sure fire formula for loosing in Novemember.


Mark said...

I did notice that in a heavily Republican area in Anderson Township, the lady in front of me was the 91st requesting a Republican ballot and I was the 120th with a Democratic. I'd be willing to bet some trickery was involved.

Nathan Wissman said...

I'm sure there is. It is actually against the law for a Republican to crossover and vote in the Democratic Primary unless they are truly committed to the principals of the Democratic Party. I kind of feel like this law amounts to a sort of loyalty oath, which does make me feel a little icky, but it is the law of the state of Ohio. If most of these voters crossed over in a sincerity, let me be the first to welcome them to the Democratic Party.

Either way, as I said, this is kind of a dumb strategy as the longer the fight goes on in the Democratic primary, the longer the coverage is on the Democrats. There is a saying "there is no such thing as bad publicity." There is some truth to that. John McCain, that guy who talk radio is developing a bizzare love/hate relationship with, will see his message get lost in the static as the news cotinues to be a Sens. Obama and Clinton.