Thursday, February 7, 2008

Super Tuesday review

Well, once again the media's pundits have bequeathed their opinion about what would happen durring the primaries on us, and once again they were pretty much full of shit.

First, the Democratic Party Bullshit:
CNN had all of these fancy pie charts and bar graphs to show the audience that Barack Obama does well with blacks and white men, and Hillary Clinton does well with latinos and women. What I saw was Hillary Clinton winning large urban states and Obama winning the south, the plains, and the midwest. They are also saying that the Democratic Party is a party that is divided; I think that this is pretty ridiculous as well. I haven't heard a lot of Democrats who are saying that they will not vote for the party's eventual nominee if their choice looses. I think that the soul searching is definately on the side of the GOP, and that the Democrats are united, even if they are not united behind a specific candidate.

and the Republican Party Bullshit:
If anyone deserves to be pissed off about how they have been treated by the media it is Mike Huckabee. Governor Huckabee has been treated like he belongs at the back of the pack pretty much since he anounced his candidacy. Even after his suprise victory in Iowa the media was discussing how Iowa definately wasn't going to propel Mike Huckabee to the nomination. I do not believe that Mike Huckabee will be the Republican nominee, but he has certainly showing more relevance than Mitt Romney. So far Romney has only won in states that he has lived in and states where there are lots of Mormons. While Romney has become the darling of right-wing talk radio as the "conservative" alternative to frontrunner John McCain, Mike Huckabee has certainly shown that many social conservatives believe in his message. I am not pretentious (or important by media standards) enough to write anyone's obituary, but I would have to say that if Huckabee was the millionaire in this race, then it would be considered a toss up between himself and McCain. This is a GOP more divided than it has ever been in my lifetime.

BTW, if you believe Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh's bullshit about Romney being some kind of conservative alternative to John McCain watch this. Notice how he talks about how he was an independent durring the Reagan Era (pretty much the equivilent of saying you were an atheist in the time of Christ to a Cristian), he fully supports Roe v. Wade, and that he will do MORE for gay rights than Senator Kennedy:


Ron Turner said...

I agree with ya that it's the GOP that's divided. The religious right (James Dobson) and the talk radio crowd (Rush Limbaugh) can't stand McCain. I'm glad Romney dropped out. I would've bolted the GOP if he became the nominee.

Jamie Sue said...

what the hell happened to my comment? :( Anyways, I don't see divided dems. Most I know would vote for any dem candidate on the field at this point. Grats on the blog, BTW. If you need graphic help let me know.