Friday, February 15, 2008

Roxanne, You're Gonna Have to Walk the Streets for Money

Facing a major budget shortfall, Cincinnati City Council recently passed a resolution to place red light cameras around major intersections in the city. There was no public safety outcry from the community; this idea was proposed by Councilwoman Roxanne Qualls for the sole purpose of increasing city revenue. These cameras will not only see to it that more motorists recieve tickets for running red lights, but they border on a violation of personal privacy. This Orwellian law enforcement tool will take a picture of the motorist's licence plate number, and use their address based on vehicle registration to send a ticket.

A coalition of groups in Hamilton County have began to gather signatures to place this issue on the November ballot. This coalition is similar to the one created last year to oppose the jail tax; so far it includes the NAACP, the Southwest Ohio Green Party, and COAST. I urge everyone to take time to sign their petitions so that this issue will appear on the November ballot. Then we can all tell City Council that they need to find a less intrusive was to raise money.

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